Maigret investigation at Domaine du Meunier

Maigret-maison- Domaine du Meunier1991 director Bertrand Van Effenterre shoot an episode of the famous Inspector Maigret near Royan. The title is The House of the judge. Have you recognized this house?

The Story

Maigret stays at Lucon, in Vendée, where he is playing billiards endlessly.
In fact the landscapes are not vendéen but those of Charente -Maritime. This episode was shot in Chaillevette, L’Éguille, Saujon and Mortagne.
A woman, Didine, declared that she has seen a body lying on the ground, behind the wall of the house of the judge.
House which is nothing but the Maison du Meunier.
Maigret goes there with his colleague and surprises the judge dragging a heavy package. The judge was about to throw the body of a man overboard but claims not to know this man.
Oh, oh, so who is the murderer?

To be honest, this episode of Maigret is a little bit old and slow! It is neither suspense nor the action and even less humor that make the interest of this episode. However, there are actors who have proven themselves and became big names at french cinema or theater: Bruno Cremer, Michel Bouquet, Eric Thomas, Bruno Wolkowitch and Karin Viard!
What prompted us to look at Maigret to the end, or almost, is because the scene of the shooting.

In pictures

Here are some screenshots of this episode and some photos of the places today. You can  recognize the kitchen, living room, dining room and Appartement du Port.

Maison du Meunier Maigret
The judge dragging the corpse out of the house.
Maison du Meunier
La Maison du Meunier today. The small portal through which the judge had left the corpse is still there!
Maison du juge salle à manger
Maigret drinks a cognac with the judge before the fireplace in the dining room. In this episode we learn that Maigret, in addition to love beer, particularly fond of cognac sitting before this fireplace!
Cheminée salle à manger maison du meunier
The fireplace today. If you look closely you will see that the curtain above the fireplace is still the same!
Escalier maison du meunier
The judge in the hall at the bottom of the stairs wich remained the same.
chambre maison du juge
Maigret enters in the bedroom of the daughter of the judge, where was committed the crime. Today the room became the Appartement du Port in which the wardrobe has taken the place of the bed.
Devant la cuisine maison du meunier
Examination of the corpse in the garden just behind the kitchen door. The white and dark red cement tiles on the floor of the kitchen are still here!
Jardin depuis la cuisine
The coroner’s report made in the kitchen. Through the open door we see the garden in which the trees have grown.
Maigret devant la maison du meunier
Full of people in front the house of the judge.
Salle Parias dasn la maison du juge
View of the Salle Parias Frères. The windows have since been reopened.
Piano salon Maison du Meunier
The daughter of a judge playing the piano in the lounge. We recognize a part of the fireplace on the right.
Maigret reprend un cognac devant cheminée
The day after his arrival, Maigret takes a second cognac with the judge before the fireplace in the dining room and the on-day, at the same place, he drinks another cognac with the prosecutor of Nantes!
Dans le salon de la maison du Meunier
Maigret asks the judge’s ex- wife in the living room.

Obviously, Maigret found quickly the guilty . For the name of the guilty, it’s something you have to deserve, we can borrow you the DVD!

If you were present during this shoot, if you have photos or memories, please contact us.

Maison du Meunier dans Maigret
The decor installed in front of the Maison du Meunier while filming Maigret.