May at the garden

Jardin Domaine du Meunier

In May, there is a lot of work in the garden. We must of course mow and also supervised the seedlings of vegetables and flowers. Last year we built the pools, this year we also try a new experience : in 2016 we started aquaponics

A novelty at the garden

Aquaponics is an ancestral culture technique, witch combines both vegetable production and raising fish. Used for millennia in Asia and Latin America, this technique gently arrives in Europe. There are many advantages: rapid plant growth, nutrient quality of plants, water conservation, possibility of consuming fish …

Some explanations

The water circulates in a closed circuit through different tubs. In a tank are the fish you feed. The fish waste will flow with water into another tub with clay pebbles on which grow plants. These are feed with nutrients from the fish excrements. At the same time, the plants purify the water which can then return to the fish tank.
A small drawing rather than a long speech:

Aquaponics cycle
Aquaponics cycle (

By arranging the tubs like steps (more below), the flow of water is natural.
At Domaine du Meunier, we already recovers rainwater that supplies the pools built last year. This water will also be used in the aquaponics cycle.

Aquaponics cycle at Domaine du Meunier
Tank with fish, tubs of seedlings and a deck chair to rest after the work !

This winter, after a long search, Coen finally found the right tubs for the installation in the garden. After some woks to arrange everything, salads already seem to like it,  such as the first tomato plants! If you want to be informed, follow us on Facebook!

Salades Domaine du Meunier
Aquaponics seedlings salads at Domaine du Meunier.

Flowers and bouquets

In the garden, not far from the aquaponics facility, other tubs are used by Marie-Claude and Ariane for seedlings flowers that will be then put in the garden. Already the sunflowers, cosmos, snapdragons, phlox, rudbeckia and Lavatera point the tip of their leaves. Then seedlings will be transplant and pamper in order to make beautiful bouquets. You can find an overview of this Marie-Claude’s work in one of our Facebook albums.

Les semis
Seedlings of flowers.

To receive bouquets, a small collection of vases: small, large, colorful, transparent, contemporary or older.
If you come at Domaine Meunier you will find a bouquet in your room!

Bouquets Domaine du Meunier
Marie-Claude’s bouquets and some vases of Domaine du Meunier.

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