Pinball fanatics get your fluo marker out!

Concours de flipper 2016For fans, followers, addicts, enthusiasts who can’t wait, get out your notebook to write down The date : Saturday the 4th of June 2016 at 2 pm will start the next International Classic Pinball World Championships in Mortagne-sur-Gironde !

History of the competition

The first international contest on electromechanicals pinballs of the Coen ter Kuile collection, was organised in the Netherlands in 2001. Three other competitions has been organized in this country. The following contests took place in France in 2006 / 2007 / 2009 / 2010 / 2011 / 2013 and 2014.

The Space Auditorium with its special atmosphere hosted the first contests of Mortagne. The others were organised in the Salle Parias Frères an old flour warehouse with an industrial look.

Auditorium concours flippersBulle flippers 2006 Mortagne

The 11th International Classic Pinball World Championships, the 8th organised in Mortagne-sur-Gironde, will take place on the 4th of June 2016!

Salle flippers Mortagne

Small preview of the 2013 contest!
(Iris Bergman & Bien Borren vidéo)
video flipper Mortagne 2013

More videos on the official page created by
Papier Codé

Registrations & special offer for the week-end

Registration will open in a few weeks. It will be online on the official contest page of . To be kept informed of the date, follow us on Facebook Domaine du Meunier.

Chambre hôte MeunièreFor a very “pinball” weekend, Le Domaine Meunier offers a weekend package for 2 nights (Friday 3rd of June and Saturday 4th) with the contest entry is offered for one or two persons according to formula (room, apartment or gîte) and also the opportunity to train on the machines on Friday evening with a drink.
If you are interested, contact us!

Contest Rules

27 pinball machines are in the competition divided in 3 pools (yellow, pink and blue). Each participant of one pool, plays on 9 pinballs. The scores are recorded immediately into a computer program to calculate the position of each player on each machine and also for all players in the same pool.

3 balls are played in each round. In all, 144 players on 12 rounds (3 are not played, that gives you time for a break). If an extra ball is won, you have the right to play. If an extra game is won, it will not count and will not be played. Each round is announced by the official crew members.

At the end, the 4 best players under 13 years of each pool and the top 4 adults from each pool play in the semifinals.
The 3 first adult players and the first child of the semifinal, are qualified to play the final.
Each machine number 1 will win a prize offered by one of our sponsors.

8e concours de flippers mortagne

The winner of the final will go back with a pinball machine!!!

The pinball machines are between 40 and 50, a technical problem is possible. Ours specialists Henk de Jager and Dieter van Es are there to help you throughout the contest. If the repair is too complicated, we remove the machine from the competition and the scores of participants who have already played on this machine will not be counted.

Réparation flippersHenk de Jager et Dieter van Es in full repair !

The collection

33 pinball machines are in the Domaine du Meunier’s collection. Three brands are represented: Gottlieb, Williams and Bally.

Flipper Aloha Gottlieb

Gottlieb pinballs

D. Gottlieb & Co. arcade game company, created by David Gottlieb in 1927 is best known for designing first mechanical pinball machines, electro mechanical in 1935, and finally purely electronic in the late 1970. In 1954, Gottlieb was the first to propose a pinball machine with 4 players: the Super Jumbo. The firm is also the creator of extra-ball.
The 11 Gottlieb Pinballs in the collection:

Aloha / 1961Flipper Aloha Gottlieb
Sea Shore / 1964
Dancing Lady / 1966
Groovy / 1970
Orbit / 1971
Sheriff / 1971
Now / 1971
Jack in the Box / 1973
Far Out / 1974
Big Brave / 1974
Target Alpha / 1976

The Williams pinballs

Harry ET. Williams founded Williams Manufacturing Company in 1943, this american company was specialized in the manufacture of pinball and video arcade game. In 1967, the company was renamed Williams Electronics, Inc. The Williams company has had a long and successfull history in the flipper market, which has made this company one of the top of the three principal brand with Gottlieb and Bally.
12 Williams pinballs in the collection:

A Go Go / 1966Flipper A-Go-Go Mortagne
Beat time / 1967
Dipsy Doodle / 1970
Jackpot / 1971
Stardust / 1971
Fantastic / 1972
Honey / 1972
Oxo / 1973
Fun Fest / 1973
Jubilee / 1973
Little Chief / 1975
Aztec / 1976

The Bally pintballs

Bally Manufacturing Corporation, is a US company founded in 1931 (under the name Lion Manufacturing) was first active in the manufacture of pinballs. The company then diversified to make slot machines and video games.
The 10 Bally pinballs in the collection:

Wiggler / 1967Captain Fantastic Mortagne
Dogies / 1968
Rock Makers / 1968
4 million BC / 1971
Monte Carlo / 1973
Nip-it / 1973
Wizard / 1974
Champ / 1974
Captain Fantastic / 1976
Fireball / 1976

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